I’d be lying if I said I never feared that I could be the next hashtag.

The next victim.
The next villain.
The next beloved.
The next belittled.

The next to be killed twice. First by losing my life. Then by damaging my character.

I’d be lying if I said I believe we live in a post racism era. Sure opportunities have increased, and some of us have progressed, but we still suffer from division in our communities, churches, executive suites, and board rooms.

Division will occupy any heart willing to give it a home. It will setup camp in your heart and invite it’s good friends hate, strife, and pride.

Before you know it division will have you acting out things you once despised and justifying it with your excuses of entitlement due to the transgressions of predecessors.

What it won’t tell you is that it is never a solution for growth. In fact division only comes to make things smaller.

So don’t be swayed by the wind of hate, and the storm of division. Be the change.

The truth is we all own the change.
Change is not a white thing, a black thing, an Asian thing, a Muslim thing, it’s a human thing.

When we all own our part, that’s when change starts.

When we truly seek unity and not just unison, that’s when change starts.

When we accept and appreciate differences instead of encouraging more of the same through alienating and discriminating, that’s when change will come.

The challenge now is what responsibility will you take to create unity in your community. ‪#‎eracism‬ ‪#‎altonsterling‬

Ronaldo Hardy – @ronaldohardy