If you check my track record you’ll see that I rarely make post of this sort. However, I can’t pass this up.I have many friends that are both black and white. I have always overlooked their responses and posts in times such as these. Today is a little different.

I understand if you have an opinion about the way blacks handle these situations. Ridiculing the death of any man, black or white, is extremely disrespectful!! Making jokes about the struggle of a race in which you haven’t experienced is extremely disrespectful!! I oftentimes defend the people from Central that treated me with the utmost respect when they are being disrespected by those that never stepped foot in Central. Now I’m shoving my foot in my mouth for defending those that are literally making a mockery out of my race on social media. I honestly wonder their true thoughts about me now.

I AM A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. I experience and have experienced large amounts of racism since graduating from a predominately white high school and college. I’m beginning to see that it really comes with the territory.

Now this post isn’t meant for ALL of my friends from high school and college…just those who have no respect for the struggles I experience and witness everyday. Do yourselves a favor and don’t speak on the oppressions that you’ve never lived!!

Now I don’t think this issue with cops killing civilians is a black and white thing. However, my post isn’t about cops and civilians. It’s about the reality of racism and how it hides in the hearts of some people that you would’ve never expected. I pray that whoever reads this post takes a look in the mirror to check the position of their hearts.

My sincerest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Mr. Alton Sterling!!