Black Fathers Matter

On this morning I’m sad & a little shocked BC now it has hit home. In 2016, as a black man & father of 2 sons, I shouldn’t feel like we a target for the very ones who are supposed to be protecting us #ThePolice. I know it’s not everybody so if it’s not you, thank you. God heal our land. #covermyfamily #justiceforalton #justiceforaltonsterling

Above is what I posted on my facebook page this morning.  I cant express it well enough how it feels to be Black in America.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are white so this post is not to bash white people in general.  This is simply me speaking my mind and letting the world know how “black men” really feel.

Candidly, we are scared every day that we might be the next Trayvon, or Mike Brown.  When I see a cop, a tension inside me rises up, I become very alert and I watch my every action to make sure that I don’t make a wrong move that will get me shot a killed.  This is no exaggeration, this is literally how I feel EVERYDAY!!  If you every wondered why I drive slow and follow traffic laws so wonderfully… its because I don’t want to die today!!  I know it may sound crazy to some, but unless you are Black in America, you don’t understand the struggle.

I remember a time at a gas station (numerous times actually) when a police officer was either already there or pulled up while i’m pumping gas.  On each occasion, I made sure my phone was in my hand and can be clearly seen so that its not mistaken for a gun.  I shouldn’t have to be that careful using my phone.

I pray that God will put a stop and an end to these senseless killings.  Are we free?? I don’t feel free.. Today, I feel like prey.  Im not a criminal and don’t have a criminal background but my Black stature alone makes me a threat?

This has to stop!!!

Remiah Trask – @traskdesign