I’m done… Here’s a hypothetical situation, man (of no race, just a male human) is subdued by multiple police officers, police pats down body and “believes” there’s a gun…normal protocol is not to even draw ur weapon on a subdued suspect…you remove the gun and cuff the suspect. Now let’s go back to reality…in our corrupt justice system and also we will say the suspect is a tall black male….this changes EVERYTHING, he is now suddenly dangerous even though he is clearly subdued, he is now seen as a stereotype which give the officers the “belief” that the man will have a gun. Then for what ever reason the officer will shoot the man more than 3 time point blank range while officers are literally laying on him…. This is not me bashing all police officers, this is not me bashing white officers, this is me bringing awareness to how our justice system does not have justice and how the justice system will continue to fail and commit genocide to my brothers and sisters due to what…a stereotype…a “belief”? Glad to know that the value of my life as an African AMERICAN is so high on government agenda… This shows I am not African American.. I am an inmate of society waiting for my number to be called ? I guess in the mean time I’ll live in oppression and fear ?? #blacklivesmatter ? #altonsterling

Kyle Richardson – @kyle_rich97