The last 36 hours since I was first made aware of what transpired between the BRPD and Alton Sterling has been challenging to say the least. I very rarely post on social media, but to not say something under these circumstances I feel would be irresponsible at best. I’ve been racially profiled while driving to my office at 7:45am in the morning, stopped, thrown against a squad car (because I demanded I be told what I did wrong and why I was stopped), cuffed, and brought downtown before being released. At least I was able to simply walk away from the incident. Based on the two videos that I’ve seen I can simply say that the situation is EXTREMELY BLEAK as it relates to the BRPD. My heart goes out to the family of Alton Sterling and the entire community of Baton Rouge. The saddest thing that I’ve seen, other than witnessing this man being shot and killed on video, over the last day and a half has been, in too many cases has been the differences in opinion and ignoring the fact that someone was killed seemingly in cold blood. I’ve discussed the situation with several police officers and in three different instances the officers or former officers said something to the effect of things not needing to escalate to the point that they got to; that there were other courses of action that could have been taken. The officers made a decision that resulted in us losing another black man for seemingly no reason, another valuable life, another human being. There isn’t a lot more that needs to be said. It seems like we’re seeing cases like this more and more often all over the United States and for it to happen in the town I was born, raised, and have chosen to raise my own family in is disheartening to say the least. I’m a compulsive believer that justice will be served and that CHANGE in our city, state, and nation will take place as a result of another senseless killing.